Mid-Century Crush

The ‘moment’ of mid-century interiors is still going strong…

mid c

Whether it’s retro-old designers such as Ray Eames, or retro-new designers such as Orla Kiely; accessorising glossy fashion editorials as well as ‘get the look’ interior inspiration articles – 50’s furniture is leading the way.

With eight series of the impeccably styled Mad Men done and dusted, the classic look has become a major ‘trend’,  having now filtered down to all levels of the British high street.  However, there are some things you can’t imitate – so if you’re looking to invest in a few mid-century pieces for your home, head right here to The Peanut Vendor.  Their prices are so competitive, you’d be crazy to go for a chain store reproduction of the real thing!


The team also offer a design & sourcing service for private and commercial clients in addition to their impressive retail showroom, situated in Bow, next to Victoria Park.  And you can also get a pretty perfect coffee there whilst perusing their wares…


‘We strive to find well manufactured furniture that sits well amongst a modern day aesthetic.’

If you’re in need of a little more inspiration, check out Stahl House – one of the most celebrated and iconic homes in America.  This place is the epitome of minimalism.  The design and architecture of this building is astounding when you consider the property was built in 1959.


What a view!

Eric Ravilious

I recently visited the Dulwich Picture Gallery… Being a full time Momma to twins, such an outing these days is a treat, made even more tranquil by the wonderful Eric Ravilious…

His watercolour and pencil scenes are beautifully serene; and when you realise the contrast between the digitally generated imagery of modern life today, they are even more beautiful.  His representation of the sky, with its layers of light and cloud, creates such a calming feeling of infinite space.


Ravilious was drawn to contrasts.

Whether including urban objects within his serene landscapes, or the study of light and dark in his wartime pieces – every painting seemed to express his sensitivity and optimism.  I was particularly taken to a series of lithographs he created from his Submarine studies during the War.
They have a beautiful subtlety of colour – which must have been a stark contrast with the actual reality of the environment he was documenting at the time…


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 20.22.28

His representation of these scenes creates an almost dream-like sequence of the harsh reality of war.

This watercolour and pencil piece entitled ‘Geraniums and Carnations’ (1938) is a good example of the elegance he created when combining the perspective of geometric structures with the contrast of organic form.


‘Newhaven Harbour’ (1937) illustrates his established lithograph technique – contemporary for its time, yet maintaining a classic and timeless quality today.


Ravilious is a key figure in mid 20th century British design, well known for his iconic Wedgwood illustrations, but his talent also makes him one of the most accomplished watercolorists of the century. With over 80 of his creations on display, the exhibition shows a real insight into his perspective of our world at that time.

Current Inspiration…


Working from their East London studio, Bert&May have a team of designers and salvage enthusiasts, who specialise in both unique and original materials – creating some of the most beautiful and bespoke tiles around…


It’s also work checking out their tailor made, design led ‘lifestyle boxes’ here

living box


We’re loving these majestic ruffles from Kym Ellery – an Australian designer who crafted her talent at London’s Central St. Martins … definitely one to watch for timeless elegance!


Rigby&Mac have it all going on when it comes to home accessories and gift!  Their current theme of monochrome and mustard equals interior magic… and these cactus vases are just what we need to get summer started indoors or out.

Our latest designer crush …

For those who don’t already known Camille Walala (even if you’re not reading this blog), you soon will. Since establishing her brand with those directional & graphic interior textiles back in 2009, she has successfully collaborated with like-minded creatives, applying her iconic aesthetic to some of the most eye catching and innovative interior spaces we’ve seen in a long time… we just love this recently completed building exterior that has popped up in Shoreditch, East London.

oneimages via here

Some more examples of her engaging design work…



fourimages via here

Her designs have us feeling like a Keith Haring illustration dancing inside the pop video to Pulp’s ‘Common People’ …

(Just where can you pick up a dance floor like that these days?!)

Currently loving…

A little oh la la with french slogan T’s and geometric tights…

oneimages via here & here

Still loving yellow’s hijack of the interiors world…

TWOimages via here & here

The antipodeans have done it again, with their perfectly balanced collection of directional yet commercial home textiles… all beautifully packaged too!


Hello 2015! We’re back …


Well that was an interesting year…  I’m not sure we could have packed any more into 2014 if we had tried!  We have returned to the UK from Singapore, having multiplied by two, moved house (twice) and are now happily settling into family life, living on a hill in SE23.  (Hello London, we missed you x)  I guess you never quite believe how capable you are of certain situations until you have little choice in the matter! The whirlwind passes, and then you have a quiet moment for reflection, and quietly whisper ‘wow’….

So, we’re not making any resolutions this year.  Just a simple reminder to help us achieve balance and happiness.  After all, a little bit of everything never hurt anyone…



imageimages via here & here

We’re literally loving our new cushion from Plümo .  It’s currently on sale too…

BN-CL671_mag051_G_20140421114939image via here

Feeling inspired…

By this beautiful picture shelf in Grace Coddington’s apartment.  We’re going to try this one at home… The perfect solution for showcasing your treasures, whilst keeping them out of reach of little people’s mischievous hands!

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